Terminus USA

Our History

Terminus Technology Inc. is a high performance, fabless IC design house. Founded in 2006 by a group of experienced IC designers in Taipei, Taiwan, they are a primarily a Research and Development oriented company. By focusing on what they do best – developing state-of-the-art IC’s, they are able to offer our customers the best technical solutions available, it in terms of performance, quality, power consumption, and overall cost.

Terminus current product offerings consist of a variety of high speed, low power – lowest power consumption profiles in the industry – USB hub controllers. These range from a basic USB 2.0 4-port controller to USB 2.0 charging 4-port controller to USB 2.0 Dual Port controller. A USB 3.0 controller is in the works.

TerminusUSA is the sole North American distributor for Terminus products. We have been in the electronics manufacturing and distribution business for over 25 years and we draw on that extensive experience in servicing our distribution partners and their customers, as well as providing a local and experienced distribution arm for Terminus Technology Inc.

Terminus motto of “Technology for an Efficient Future” speaks to their commitment to develop the lowest power, lowest heat generation, smallest footprint USB hub controllers on the market, all the while keeping our customers’ design and production costs low.

Have Questions?

If you want to learn more about our products, purchasing with Terminus, or anything else, we encourage you to contact our sales team.

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